As you can see, things are changing around here. We've recently upgraded the email computer to an almost completely new system. A few of the things you remember are still here, like our web mail interface and some of the things our server did "under-the-hood" (e.g. scanning for spam and viruses in your email and attachments.)

One of the more significant changes is that HTTPS (also known as Secure HTTP) has been enabled for all of our mail and admin pages. The old http links will automatically redirect you to the new https versions, but it would be a good idea to update your bookmarks to reflect the new addresses in case the old ones go away in the future.

If you've landed here, you are most likely looking for our web mail interface. The old SquirrelMail web interface has finally been retired, several years after support for it was terminated by the creators. The link below will take you to the new RoundCube web mail interface that EVI started using some time ago.

RoundCube is a much more modern and capable interface, more like sites from "the big guys" and it even includes special "skins" that make it look and behave somewhat differently. It also has special screen layouts and feature support for tablets and phones, so you won't need to zoom in on a tiny screen as you did with SquirrelMail.



RoundCube includes the ability to change your email password directly through its webmail interface (look under SETTINGS, PASSWORD to find the password change form.)

Of course, individual users may still manage their own passwords using the user-level mail administration site and logging in with their current email account credentials. The user admin page may be found here:


We hope you like the new server... however, if you experience any problems, please contact EVI and let us know about them.

Domain Admins

If you are the administrator of one or more of the email domains hosted here, you may log in to the new domain admin page here:


The postmaster of each domain is currently assigned as the domain admin. Use that account's credentials to sign in to the admin page. Domain admins have the power to add/remove email accounts and alises, within the limits assigned by EVI. If you need more mailboxes and/or aliases, contact EVI to have your limits raised. Domain admins can also reset the passwords for any email account in their domain.

Last Updated: September 30, 2017 18:58 EDT